April 5th 1982

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An early start this morning, Dave knocking on our door at 20 to 7.  Ah well, he’s the boss.  After breakfast, we started work on  Stage 2 – lightly sanding down the hull, + re-painting.  Dave wanted the water-line lowered, so while we had the white paint out to bring that down, we also painted the above-water part of the hull.  It was time-consuming – took all day, more or less – and not strictly necessary, but I guess it made sense.  However, the main reason so little got done was the absence of Dave + Monika – the latter fairly understandable, not so the former.  And Monika too set to work when I discovered a soft part in the wood, which had to be cut out.  When Dave did appear, he was worse than useless, distracting – taking us away from one piece of work to put us on another.  Fortunately, Roberto was there, so we got something done.

The big news – British navy setting sail for the Falklands, Carrington resigning, Britain at war?!  Over the Falklands?!  Is Bob going?!  An early night… life goes on.

World news coming to the fore.  My brother, Bob, was in the navy at the time, though more as a teacher/lecturer; he very rarely went to sea.  However, I was to discover that he had recently been assigned to HMS Sheffield, but missed out on sailing with her.  Just as well; she was one of the ships that was sunk.

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