March 31st, April 1st 1982

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Dave napping

A dreadful night, just appalling.  I spent the first 2 hours on the floor, (so Val tells me) + then did sleep for a little while… and then started throwing up.  At regular intervals too, about hoursly, I should say, tho’ eventually I was able to fix that by stopping drinking water, thereby cutting off the supply, so to speak.  Val left at about 8, checked up on me at about 11, + finally my throbbing head allowed me to get up at about 1.15… to a certain amount of fairly understandable good-natured ribbing.   Coffee + a cheese sandwich improved me about 300%, + then Dave sent me over to sand down the hull of John’s boat.  (That’s something I forgot – we helped to get it up on the railway + out of the water on Monday.)  A pretty unpleasant job – hard work, monotonous, + clouds of red dust… one way to work off a hangover, I suppose.  Roberto (Dave’s Cuna helper) + I worked till 6, before I jumped in the shower to wash off as much of the muck as I could.

In the evening, the 4 of us went to a carnival held in the Army base.  A small fry affair, really, but it made a nice change to get out nonetheless.  We ate some junk food, bought some stuff (a few hats, + a silver necklace for Val) + even had a ride… well, Val + I did.  And we sheltered from the rain quite a bit – just like home.

The next day, Val spent the whole day as she had the day before, slaving over a hot sewing machine with Monika, making mostly clothes, while I spent 8 hours at the hull of John’s boat, sanding away.  The dust was much worse today, partly because I was working twice as long, partly because there was no wind to take the stuff away, so I was absolutely covered in the stuff.  I must have got quite a bit of it inside me too, since I definitely didn’t feel good, even after a shower, + I completely lost my appetite, even for Monika’s cooking, + settled instead for a quart of milk.  This greatly disturbed Dave, whose 2 great loves seem to be booze + food, + for different reasons I was off both.  I was dog-tired too, so settled for an early night.  Or relatively so, at any rate – I had to persuade Val to stop sewing at about 11.

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