March 30th 1982

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Tuesday the 30th was rather more productive, tho’ again not of anything of huge importance.  Val went around finishing the ends of ropes – not in the approved manner with whipping yarn, but with a blowtorch! – while I sawed the ends off some bolts.  Then, when V + M went off on sewing detail, mending clothes, making clothes, making flags – I took a generator cover off, gave it a fresh coat of white paint, and then painted on a blue Maltese cross.  I was quite pleased with my achievement – I had to draw it right, then colour it in without going over the edges, never my strong suit at primary school.

In the evening, after an (as usual) splendid meal, we all went over to a party aboard a neighbouring boat, to celebrate him fixing his engines.  Not a wonderful party, but loads of booze, so I proceeded to get smashed.  Talked with a couple of people, quite a time with a nice feller called Buddy, about his life.  After that, my memories are hazy.  We left… we must have… + I was the usual pain in the arse, sitting down on the pier etc.  Ho hum.

Once again – and you can sense my growing frustration – a relatively lazy day, not making much progress, actually spending time on a cosmetic task.  But good to socialise, to drink, to chat…

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