March 29th 1982

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Tricky to document the events of the day, since it is now 3 days on, and as it wasn’t a day of especial note, it has mostly slipped from our memory.  Dave had said that I would be going up the mast – it needs painting – a task about which my feelings were mixed – but he seemed to change his mind in any case.  Dave left to go to the US base hospital in the morning, so as I was left without a supervisor, I left Val + Monika clearing up while I went into town to pick up our photos.  They were rather disappointing, lacking in colour + interest, tho’ as usual, a second view improved them in our esteem.

The afternoon was spent with some piddly little jobs – tying down things (which will doubtless be untied again at least once before we go), checking thro’ some fanbelts, that sort of thing.  The evening was spent in the usual way, eating + drinking to excess, with the TV on as background.

Little to comment upon here, but it did reflect much of our liofe at this time; becoming mildly frustrated at – mostly – doing very little.

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