March 27th 1982

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After breakfast this morning, we collected together a collection of all the bits + pieces of stuff D + M no longer want for a yard sale, a regular Saturday event at the club.  Then Val + I were introduced to our new home, aboard the motor boat of Laurence, a friend of Dave’s.  Work for the rest of the day was: for Val, sitting in some very hot sunshine trying to sell the stuff (and there weren’t many buyers), while I was aboard the new one, first of all helping Laurence to clear some stuff out of it, + then set to work with soapy water on the floor + upholstery.  The boat was really nice, but had been left for just a bit too long, + the damp had made its mark.  A pretty lazy afternoon, just taking plenty of time clearing up, showering etc.  Generally the days seem to fall into  a pattern, of work finishing off at about 4 or 5, then an hour or two of washing up, sitting around, having Dave say what a good job we’d done (after he’d  moaned + complained all day) + then break out the booze + have a damn good meal – Monika is a good cook.  The discussion this evening was the IRA, by the way.  Dave’s solution is, of course, military.

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