March 26th 1982

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Little Big Foot, ship’s cat

The morning’s work was to finish off the car, just to give a second coat of brown paint to the strips of metal which were worst affected by rust.  And then a third coat too, since the white paint was showing thro’.  When I stripped off the masking paint, it still didn’t look too wonderful – it had only been hand-painted after all – but it still looked a bit better than it had.  Then a few little jobs in the afternoon – fixing up a lazarette cover, collecting together some things for a yard sale.  Then dinner, and booze (plenty of booze; that is definitely one thing that Dave is excessively generous with, is the booze) + a long conversation across the dinner table with Dave.  Dave has the military mind – ultra-style – who can only see the military point of view.  Our discussion tonight concerned Vietnam in particular, and one’s obligation to King + country in general.  Hm, interesting.

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