March 18th 1982

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Colon once again – once grand colonnades showing the ravages of neglect

A nothing day, a waiting day.  Like waiting for an execution, or, more likely, the results of the Officer Selection Board, set to determine our future.  The main difference being, we have less to do with the outcome in this instance.  South America will seem a dreadful anti-climax after the prospect of the South Pacific,  but at least the respite today has given me time to get into a more philosophical frame of mind about the whole thing.  Either it will, or won’t, be, + my thinking + worrying about it doesn’t make it more or less likely to occur.  Hands of the Gods, and all that. 

Actually, the day passed far more quickly than I would have anticipated.  A later start than usual, breakfast, a walk out to the big supermarket just outside town (about the only safe place to walk.)  Bought a book in the YMCA bookshop – Christopher Isherwood’s “Lions + Shadows”.  Then some reading + little chores whiled away the afternoon, cooked tea – a veg stew – then cards in the evening.  Time passes.  But tomorrow’s the day.

I am a little confused, but imagine that the great event hanging over us is an answer from Lesley.  But it does now seem that we are sold on continuing our trip on a yacht, and will do all that we can to make that happen.  And Panama is definitely one of the crossroads of the world in that respect, so makes a good place to do some hitch-hiking (which is more or less whaqt we are doing, seeing as neither of us have any sailing experience to offer.)

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