March 4th 1982

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Hopscotch on the beach

I had had certain reservations about heading out to the beach, since, apart from day-trips, or with a great crowd of people, + well-armed with bats, balls, Frisbees + a huge picnic, I don’t find that much to attract.  And, of course, none of those very desirable pre-requisites occurred in this case.  However, as things turned out, it was a very enjoyable day.  Mind you, it followed on from an extremely unpleasant night – hot, sleepless, and with plenty of bugs.  However, the morning came eventually – mornings generally do – and the day, as I have said, was fine.

Porridge first, + tea, then out, into the sunshine.  The water here is beautifully refreshing, + tho’ I would prefer the waves to be a little bigger + stronger, it is still possible to body-surf successfully.  It’s just not as exhilarating as really catching the big ones.  Unfortunately for Val, she doesn’t seem to be able to manage it – she just responds badly to getting her mouth + nose full of sea-water, + that’s one of the occupational hazards.  We then played hop-scotch for a while, that being one of the few games we are able to play.  While we were doing so, we managed to pick up a couple of healthy doses of sunburn, the sun being deceptively strong.  Oh, and I won, tho’ the game took a long time.

Later on into the afternoon, we managed to get merrily sozzled, starting off with some Bacardi we had with us, + then moving on to beer.  I was also writing a letter to Graham, which became (I think) increasingly incoherent the more I drank.  Still, we had a very pleasant evening, sitting, gazing at a perfect sunset, talking, mostly with Jimbo once again.  Rather to my surprise, Tom turned up, briefly, + very unsurprisingly was not able to come up with anything as regards a job.  Ho hum.

We ate once again a fine meal at our cheapo-cheapo restaurant – where I also played a dice game against a local guy, + lost 3 or 4 colones.  Finally, we moved over to another café, where there was a very subdued birthday party in progress, + once again sat + talked.  By now, I was very drunk.

And there you go: another one of my regular moans about beachesm before going on to describe a very pleasant day.  I do tend to repeat myself, I know, but please bear with me – each day’s entry is written without reference to all that has been written before.  And, again, another encounter with booze.

Graham, by the way, was a friend made at college, and we’re still in touch, though not much more than Christmas greetings nowadays.

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