March 2nd, 3rd

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The view from the beach bar

Breakfasted on bread, jam, hot chocolate – then set off to the bus terminal – we’d resolved to spend a couple of days out at the beach.  Things seemed to be going well, when we discovered there was a bus leaving at 11… unfortunately, it was full, so we booked ourselves in on the next one, at 1.30, + whiled away some time playing cards in a local café.  The bus-ride was reasonably comfortable – another mock-Pullman, tho’ designed for people with shorter legs than us, + brought us to Sta. Cruz just after dark.  Sta Cruz is a connecting town for several beaches, + after ascertaining that none of them could be reached that evening, we found a cheap + reasonably clean hospedaje, + then went out for something to eat.  The place we lighted on was not up to much tho’, even tho’ we had nothing more ambitious than a hot dog + a hamburger.  A short walk around the town – clean, pleasant, not very exciting – then bed.  I started a new book, having finally disposed of “Don Quixote” – a real chore, by the end.

The next day was getting to the beach part 2.  Breakfast first, then to the bus station.  Total + utter confusion, with lots of people milling around, waiting for various buses, which all seemed to be leaving at the same time.  And, of course, no queues – every time a driver got on a bus, there was a stampede of people fighting to get on with him… whether or not it was the right bus, so as often as not they’d have to get off again.  That happened to us once, a problem trebly worsened by our bags – struggling to get out of a bus, carrying them, when everybody else wants to get on, is no joke, I assure you.  However, eventually we were successfully underway, + arrived at Playa Tamarindo – a nice place, + very hot.  Found a room – a little expensive, but nice – + then spent the afternoon swimming, sunning, + drinking Coke.

In the evening, at the one good bar, we met + chatted with quite a few people – Jimbo, a Texan seismographologist, + Rod + Tom, 2 businessmen down here at a conference.  Talked with them a lot about S. America, + they also made noises about helping to find me a teaching job – not something to pin any hopes on, but you never know.  In any case, we all got a bit drunk.  Finished off the evening with a splendid meal at a local comedor.  It is nice to talk to people.

First, a bit about “Don Quixote”.  It is one of those classics which is very famous for pretty much one scene – in this case tilting at windmills – but for the rest is actually very long and somewhat tedious – see also Robinson Crusoe, Gullivers Travels – so I wasn’t sad to see it go.

Usual sort of travel chaos, always caused by a lack of basic information.  I have nio idea whether the modern internet age has helped in this respect, or just made things even worse.  But eventually, we arrived at the beach.  I have commented several times on how I/we don’t have a ,ot of time for beaches, so it is curious that we seem to spend quite a lot of time on them nonetheless.  They do tend to make for reasonably cheap accommodation – or did, in any case: it may well be that modern development means that cheap accommodation is immediately priced out.

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