February 16th 1982

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After a cold night, I was up first, + trotted off in search of some milk to go with our corn flakes.  Unfortunately, there just didn’t seem to be aby available, and I looked in several stores.  Returning to report my lack of success to Val, I made the surprising discovery that it was nearly 10 o’clock, so we decided to take our parcel up to the Post Office, + have a final look for the precious white liquid up in that area.  As it happened, we were in the Post Office for about 2 hours.  First we had to show the contents of the parcel to the guy there, while he counted + listed everything.  Then came the long business of packing + wrapping our parcel, strong enough to withstand all the hazards of a sea voyage, + then the even longer task of persuading the guys there to complete all the paperwork that needed completing.

By this time we were famished, so revisited the Tortuga restaurant for hamburger + chips for me, + a large yogurt pancake for Val (we hadn’t been able to find any milk.)  The afternoon we spent very lazily – it gets into a way of life at Panajachel.  We wandered around town a little, taking a couple of photos; we read some – Nick had given me a book by Tom Wolfe, called “The Right Stuff”, about the first American astronauts, so I’d begun that, poor old Cervantes getting dumped again.  Val had a shower, + washed some clothes.  And we chatted, about various things, mainly travelling, with Dave, (the Englishman – I’ve finally got his name.)  Val + I also debated buying a camping gaz stove we’d seen, but decided against it.

Returned to our first-choice restaurant in the evening, along with Nick, Dave + Marie-Ann – + Dave was able to tell us that Steve would sell us his small pump-stove.  I left Val to go + see about that, while I went to see a film – “Tattoo” – some good moments, but not really up to much, a rip-off of “The Collector”.  Val wasn’t back when I came back, so I had to sit + wait for her in a bar (tough, huh?)  Found her, with newly acquired stove, later.  Goodbyes, then to bed.

Normal sort of day really: usual sort of shopping expedition, a battle with bureaucracy, wandering, reading, going to see a film – no idea why Val didn’t come too.  Except that she was out buying a stove, a piece of kit that was to prove extremely useful, even though, together with a bottle of fuel, it did add to the weight we had to lug around.

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