February 14th 1982

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St Valentine’s Day.  But it did not begin well.  I went off to buy provisions for breakfast, returning with bread, marmalade + milk (for the co0rn flakes.)  Not amused to discover the milk was sour, especially as that meant wasting some of the precious flakes.  Returned the one carton for another, which was a little, tho’ not much, better.  It was in one of those plastic bags, so I spilt a large quantity on the floor.  Then, in trying to prise off the lid from the marmalade, I contrived to spill some of that, only this time over me!  As I said, not a good start… things got better.

Once again, we went off window-shopping – the only sort we’re able to do.  We had had Q50, but had found two people who needed to exchange $20US bills, so we were now a little short.  However, shopping of any sort quickly tires me out, window-shopping more than any, so I left Val to it after a time.  First tho’, we did stop off for a coffee at a café/liquor store/bookshop, + found a fine book of card games, so we were able to exchange that for our World War 3 book.  I indulged in a banana milk-shake while waiting for Val, + when she returned we went down to the beach to swim.  We were very “um + er” about it tho’, first me saying I wouldn’t swim, then Val, then finally both going in.  Tho’ only briefly – it was a little cold, + there wasn’t a good diving place.

Returned to hotel, where we talked for some time with an English guy there, before thinking about eating once again.  It’s remarkable how the prospect of good food sharpens the appetite.  This time we tried another little café, I don’t know the name, that various others recommended.  At first, we were the only ones there, but then, at intervals, came in Nick, Steve, Bernhardt, a German guy we’d met in San Pedro, + the other Englishman + his French girlfriend – a very pleasant party.  The meal, once again, more than did it justice – it was fabulous.  There was to have been a party in the evening, but unfortunately it was cancelled, so we took our booze to our room + read (+ wove.)  I finished “Fata Morgana”, a book Nick had lent me.  Very good indeed.

Apart from the breakfast mishaps, sounds like a very pleasant day indeed.  And since I seem to be eulogising the food on a regular basis, it appears we ate – and therefore lived – very well.  And good to be a part of a small community, at least for a time.

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