February 13th 1982

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Church in Panajachel

Our hope was to catch a boat this morning, direct to Panajachel.  The difficulty was that we hadn’t been able to get any clear information from anyone about what time it went, tho’ there was a feeling that maybe it went at 7… or so.  Anyway, we struggled out of bed as soon as it was light, packed up what we hadn’t been able to pack the night before, + trotted down the hill.  Unfortunately, the landing jetty was deserted except for one old man who told us it had gone at 6.30.  Ho hum.

Plan B.  Round to the other jetty, to take the boat to Santiago, then catch the connecting boat at midday.  More trouble + more money, but we wanted to be off.  Met a Canadian guy as we disembarked in Santiago, doing the same as us, so we arranged to take it in turns to guard the bags while the others found breakfast.  Val + I took off first, tho’ our only breakfast was milk.  Val also bought quite a lot of wool for her weaving, which, together with all the weaving gear she’d already acquired, made for quite a hefty little bundle.

Relieved Nick, then lay on the grass by the pier reading, + chatting some with a couple – an Iranian guy + English girl, who used to live in Liskeard, +  now run a latin American shop in Bath.  Eventually, were shepherded onto a  boat, but as it didn’t leave for a while, Nick, Val and I had a drink together.  Nick is alright, + knows a lot about English lit.

In Panajachel went first to Mario’s rooms, where we got a splendid room, then a hot shower – + then went shopping, where we met Steve, the Welshman.  As I’ve said before…  Bought corn flakes, window-shopped, then back to the hotel.  We were now exceptionally hungry, so went along to a small restaurant nearby to have hamburgers, salad, +, for me, chips.  Excellent.  Then on to a bar at the other end of town, (which also did excellent food) where we had a drink + a few games of backgammon.  And then a film, “The Romantic Englishwoman”.  The other cine bar this time, which had a fire + was cheaper (+), but only a small screen (-).  Not really a very good film, + not helped by loud music next door, + the fact that the film room (we were the only viewers) was a thro’ room, so people constantly moving thro’.

Problems with getting the right information was a recurring problem.  Maybe the internet has improved things in that respect… but maybe not.  But we did manage to leave San Pedro; now that her weaving course was over, Val was as keen as I was to get moving again.  And in comparison with San Pedro, Panajachel was sophistication itself – a hot shower!  The weaving, by the way, is but the first of many craft skills Val tackled during our time away, while my own creative endeavours were entirely confined to writing the diary.

Another film to add to our growing list, even if the experience was (far) less than ideal.

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