February 11th 1982

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Decided it was about time I got better, so after Val had arisen + disappeared for her lesson, I made my way to one of the comedors where I consumed eggs + beans, with the usual tortillas.  The beans were pretty sticky + horrible – I’d caught them at a late stage – but then I felt a little better.  They just seem to cook + cook + cook their beans, each time they’re needed, until they’re gone, so if you catch them early, you’re lucky.  I think so, anyway.  However, the effect upon me was not immediately beneficial, in respect of my stomach… but the less said about that, the better.

Later, I wandered down to where the 2 Americans, Jeff + Diane, lived, to invite them to a meal this evening.  Only Jeff was home, but I spent a pleasant hour or so, sitting on his porch, chatting about various things.  And he accepted our invitation on behalf of both of them, which was nice.  I’ve rather  missed the opportunity to socialise recently.  I then spent some time wandering around town, shopping for various things for the meal.  Val discovered me in the bakery.  Her teacher had made a mess of the piece of work she was just starting on, so it all had to be started anew tomorrow.  I wasn’t feeling so good by now, so she helped me finish the shopping, + then we went home + started to prepare it.

Val; lugged all the washing down to the lake, while I cleared up the room – it was quite like our old entertaining sprees, except I would have preferred a little more booze, + almost any music.  Jeff + Diane were a little late in arriving, so I, being of little faith, went out to look for them.  This proved a mistake.  I got lost; in looking after the kitchen + the room, Val let the beans + meat burn; + they arrived anyway.  Still, a remarkably pleasant time was had by all.  The meal was splendid.  They had brought cold rice + a vegetable stew which we heated up, there was also our stew – a little burnt but passable, tomato + onion salad, new potatoes (delicious), + bread + butter.  After this melon + banana, then tea.  Plus Pepsi.  Plus wine.  Plus much good conversation + many laughs.

Good to see signs of recovery, in my mood as well as my health.  And especially good to have what amounted to a significant social occasion: hosting a dinner party (even if it did not have the most auspicious of beginnings.)  And of course, the very last two words in today’s post indicate why I enjoyed it so much.

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