February 2nd 1982

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Spot the ball? Follow the eyes!

Did without an early morning call this morning, + Val did remarkably well in getting up at  6.30.  She busied herself with some washing, ordering breakfast, getting me up, etc.  However, despite this early start, by the time we arrived at the bus station, the majority of buses leaving for Santa Maria, the stepping off point to the volcano, had left.  This depressed us, the more so because it was such a beautiful day, but there were vague promises of a bus at 9, or 9.30, so we just hung around.  Finally, a bus with Santa Maria plastered across its front did pull in, but when, our hearts feeling much lighter, we went to put our bags on, the driver dashed our new-found hopes by telling us he didn’t leave till 11.30, which would have left it far too late to climb the volcano today.  The taxi fare was exorbitant, + there was no other way to get there, so with heavy hearts we returned to the Posada.   We couldn’t even think of an alternate programme for the day which interested us particularly, + I’m afraid we still tend to think of days in which we do little as wasted days.  Val had the idea of travelling out to Santa Maria in the afternoon, finding a place to stay there, + climbing the volcano tomorrow – so that was what we decided to do.

The rest of the morning was spent in shopping for a few more odds + ends, + then sitting around min our room, amusing ourselves somehow – I’m onto my second macramed bracelet now, with rainbow colours – my other one was West Ham’s.  Caught the bus out at 3.30, + tried to find somewhere to sleep – our ideal was a family who would let us sling our hammocks in a nice warm room, + feed us, all for a pittance.  However, such a place didn’t seem to exist, even tho’ we asked at several shops, + even at the town hall, where Val found herself surrounded by a crowd of concerned gentlemen… who couldn’t help.  We eventually settled for the only posada in town, also the only restaurant, which was expensive but nothing special.  I played football in the square for a time, + that was fun.

The usual sort of delay, partly occasioned by our own laid-back approach to time.  I now feel utterly bereft when without a watch, but we have managed throughout our trip to do without… though there was some mention of an alarm clock at one point, but that now appears to have disappeared.  Of course we would want there to be the perfect place to stay in Santa Maria, but we were also unsurprised when it failed to materialise.

Trying to think of the number of times I have managed to insert myself into a game of football throughout our trip… not very many.

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