January 30th 1982

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This little piggie went to market…

Our last night on the lumpy bed – it seems to have railway tracks running down it – our last breakfast of beans + egg – here, anyway, tho’ they did make a special effort + give us our egg fried for a change – + it was time to go.  We gave our hosts a calendar with a picture of the local church on it (we’d got the calendar blank when we had our photos developed, + put in a picture we’d taken) + that seemed to please them.  Then we were off… tho’ not far.  Chris had recommended the Posada Refugio, where he had stayed for a couple of days, so we went there.  First we booked in, then got our room, then headed straight for their library of English books, + found at least 2 which grabbed our attention – “World War 3” + “Don Quixote”, the latter in particular being a real find since it was a book we both wanted to read.

Thus settled in, we spent what was left of the morning looking around the market – a really good one it is too.  With its variety, colour + life, it reminds one of an Eastern market rather than a Guatemalan.  A fabulous lunch of a huge pot of yogurt, with granola + fresh strawberries, smothered in all the honey we could manage to eat.  After lunch, we met up with Chris + caught the bus out to San Antonio, a local village famous for its weaving.  The bus ride was fun – a few of us were standing, since as usual the bus was absolutely packed, but we had to duck down when we went past a police post.  I also amused myself immensely by making the Indian kids on the bus laugh, + that seemed to tickle the adults too… they really are so nice here.

Market scene

San Antonio was an attractive little village, nestled in beautifully among the mountains.  A  nice old church, + quite a lot of weaving stalls + shops.  We were a little disappointed in the weaving – lots of nice stuff, but nothing really as special as we were looking for.  However, a very pleasant afternoon, + a wedding in the church, + 3 Pepsis, + finally Val did buy a beautiful dress.  Returned to Antigua, bought some silks in the market to do some macramé, Chris being our teacher.

In the evening we saw a film – The Trinity Angels – entertaining but trashy.

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