January 28th 1982

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Lukie and Val

Somehow I have to spin out a page’s worth of writing from some very thin thread – very little happened today.  Of course, we got up, then had beans + egg, tortillas + bread for breakfast.  Not difficult to remember, because it’s what we always have.  And then school.

The initial rush has paid off, because I at least am able to relax pretty much + just chat.  Fortunately, I get on very well with Pedro, my teacher.  He seems to appreciate my attempts at humour – I imagine it must be very dull just listening to the same exercises over + over, so any little variety is probably welcome… at least I hope so.  And yes, I can manage a little humour in Spanish, tho’ I don’t really think you would call it wit.  It’s just, usually, giving the wrong answer to a verbal question, + then justifying it, e.g. “Do you walk on your hands or your feet?”  “Both, when I’m drunk.”  Also, I’m able to translate a few simple jokes into Spanish, + the occasional funny story.  We’ve also reached the stage of a fair bit of oral comprehension where I read stories + then answer questions, and a lot of the stories we use are quite funny, so, one way and another, the time passes very pleasantly.

I don’t think Val is quite so lucky with her teacher in that respect, but then, it’s probably true that Val is more in need of basic coaching in grammar + vocabulary, which her teacher, Lukie, is able to give.

Anyway, in the evening, after our meal, we set out to find Chris.  We’d said we would see him, + he must have been wondering what had happened to us, since we’d been missing from the usual haunts for the past 2 nights.  There really are only 3 places to look, assuming there’s  not a decent film on at either of the town’s 2 cinemas.  There’s the main square, which is a nice place to sit if it’s not too cold, + 2 gringo bars, the Galeria (Ignacio’s) + 1 other, with a strange name.  We ended up in the Galeria – couldn’t find Chris, so played backgammon instead.

Just another day in the classroom, as well as just enjoying being a part (albeit most temporarily) of a small community. Our search for Chris K is an example: a friend to try to track down, but also an excuse to wander. We liked Antigua a lot.

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