January 26th 1982

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Pedro, my teacher

The day of the cold today – en Espanol, el catarro – tho’ it’s not really a new experience for me.  I must say I don’t recall my childhood as being one long succession of colds, but that certainly seems to be the case recently.  However, struggled thro’ the day without a great deal of enthusiasm – what I really wanted was to be coddled, to be snug in bed in a warm room, with books, magazines, radio, + steaming cups of hot chocolate along with thinly sliced bread with plenty of butter brought to me at regular intervals.  Also, the work was harder today – they try to give you all the basic grammar you need within a week, so that means hammering away at various tenses pretty quickly.  Val + I have got into the habit of going out for a mid-morning drink during our break (decanso) but it was agreat disappointment this morning when we ordered chocolate, to get the stuff made with water.  Lunch was tasty – it’s definitely the best meal of the day, tho’ not nearly big enough for my taste, then more school, then, with a certain amount of relief, the end of work for the day.

We’d been looking forward to this time, since our photos were supposed to be ready.  And they were, too.  We notede with great relief that they both had the requisite no. of photos, paid our Q20 – quite reasonable by recent standards – + trotted off to the park like a couple of excited kids to look at them.  They exceeded most of our hopes in fact – we were proper chuffed.  The first film was from the old camera, + tho’ one or two were a bit strange, there were some real  beauties, especially those from Caye Caulker.  Then we looked at the others, the test film of just 12 photos that we’d shot to see if the camera, the new camera, was up to much.  And tho’ the subject matter hadn’t been particularly interesting, there was a sharpness and clarity that had been missing of late from our old camera.  So, feeling well pleased with our fortuitous purchase, we trotted home, for dinner.  Immediately that was over, I crawled into bed, where Val joined me shortly after.

Apologies as ever for focusing on my own health… though of course such things do tend to occupy one’s thoughts, and after all this is a record of what I wasa feeling.  The fact that this was written some days after the event betrays me here, when I talk about regular mid-morning breaks, when this is only day 2!  Hm.

You know already that the camera worked out fine, but it was still a huge relief to us, having forked out a hefty sum, just on the off-chance.

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