January 21st 1982

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Puerto Barrios

Our final chance to retrieve our lost film this morning, since we’d resolved that we’d spent enough time in Livingston, so would be catching the 2 o’clock boat come what may.  So, after a huge but delicious breakfast in the African Place – where else? – we sought out Michael.  However, he wasn’t able to help.  He did make some consoling noises, but I’m afraid I don’t have a very high opinion of him, since it seems to me he acted in rather a 2-faced way, saying he didn’t want to get involved, yet not being above going to see one of the thieves to try + retrieve his shoes.  Ah well, best forgotten.  We said goodbye to Roland – one of the few Frenchmen I’ve ever gotten along with – + then took our stuff, what was left of it, down to the dock early, + sat around reading, before grabbing a place on the boat.

Arrived back at Puerto Barrios at 3 or so, + discovered that the next train didn’t leave for Guatemala till the next morning.  So, strolled around the town, with several errands in mind.  No.1 was the purchase of a new camera – we both felt strangely naked without one.  One shop had a few cameras in it, only Polaroids or 110s tho’.  And for an extravagantly high price.  Also happened on a professional photographer’s studio, + in asking him for advice as to where to buy a camera, he mentioned that a friend had one for sale.  He had it fetched in 15 mins, + it looked alright, a Yashica, with manual controls, tho’ not a SLR.  It did have a flat battery, in a bit that controlled a funny warning system, + there was no way of checking it out – or returning it – but we decided to trust the guy, + bought it.  Also noticed lots of shoe shops there, selling really good shoes cheap… such as Kickers for $30.  Unfortunately, nothing larger than 9 and a half so I had to go without, but Val was persuaded to buy some… after much trying, of shoes + patience.  Found a reasonable hotel room, wandered around town a little – an early night.

Finally cutting our losses in Livingston.  A real shame, since it promised so much.  But there was no point in dwelling on it… just move on.

But we did need to replace the camera.  The pictures illustrating the last couple of days have come from the internet, and are as reflective of the time we were there as I can remember, but do lack any sense of us.  With the benefit of hindsight, I can reassure you now that the camera we bought turned out fine, and served our needs for quite a while; we still have it, somewhere, sitting in the loft…

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