December 26th 1981

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Our tent at Agua Azul

“A partridge in a pear tree.”  We’d discovered the day before that the bus left at 8, so Roland volunteered to go down to the station a little early to buy the tickets + try to reserve some seats.  We lesser mortals got ourselves together a little later, + arrived to find rather an annoyed Roland – tho’ why he should be annoyed when we’d only done what we’d said we’d do – saying the bus was full, + he could only save 2 seats.  That was fine tho’ – it wasn’t much more than an hour when some people got out + there was room for all.  I was annoyed with myself a little that I’d left my book in our bag, now safely – we hoped – stowed on top of the bus.  I’m really enjoying “Phineas Finn” – it’s like an escape into an otherworld, infinitely more sane + civilised than the one we’re in.

We got off the bus at the crossroad for Agua Azul, found some shade, + made ourselves a picnic, mostly with the remnants of our Christmas dinner – bread, sausage, biscuits, fruit.  Then the walk to Agua Azul.  It was hot certainly, but only 4 kms, + all downhill, so it really wasn’t too bad.  We were a little disappointed that the place was much more crowded than we’d thought – it was quite the resort.  It cost us 10 pesos to get in, + it was another 35 to camp, tho’ we deferred paying that until we’d seen it better. And it has to be admitted that the place was very beautiful – waterfalls, cascades, pools, with beautiful blue/green water… hence the name.  First off, a couple of cokes, + then we had to check out accommodation.  Val + I pitched our tent, while R + L were able to book themselves a cabin.  To be honest, we weren’t sorry to be separated from them for a while, since there were the beginnings of a personality clash.  A swim came next – the water was beautifully sharp, giving you a sharp rush as you dived in.  But still, just a few minutes was enough, for me at any rate.

In the evening, we found a cheap restaurant – there are only 2, so it didn’t take long – where we ate eggs, beans, + rice, + then played cards.  That was fun – R + L didn’t play cards much, but they were quick to learn.  And then, of course, the usual campers’ early night.

A relatively painless transfer to another place… which was by no means usual.  And I don’t really remember why we decided to stop off at Agua Azul, as it was far more a tourist destination – and not an especially wonderful one – than our usual destination.  Pleasant enough, however, and one can’t spend all one’s time looking for high culture and low prices.  Interesting that we should encounter personality clashes with our fellow travellers, but then, becoming soul-mates with strangers is not very likely.

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