December 19th/20th 1981

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To begin with, before Dec 18th passes quite into the realm of time that has gone, I should say that I entirely forgot the main enterprise of yesterday, a walk to Puerto Angel.  There was a vague hope in our heads that we might catch a ride on a fishing boat, but as virtually all the fishing was over by the time we arrived, we sat around for a while + then walked back, stopping off to wash our heads + shirts. 

And so, for the 19th… + for the 20th too… lazy days.  Breakfast first, then reading + swimming, then the highlight of the day, a trip to the bakery, for siesta.  More swimming, more reading, more swimming.  A meal, then coffee + cards – German whist – at our local café, by the light of an improvised kerosene lamp.  The bakery, we have decided, is quite the best place in Zipolite.  We have got into the habit of turning up there at about 1, to meet people, since the best people turn up there, to drink large cups of coffee, to eat empanadas straight from the oven – our favourites are those filled with pineapple – to relax in the shade.  To talk, to sing, with no hassles.  One feels that life is good.

On Saturday, we met R + R, on Sunday Henriette, + on both occasions we tapped them for song-words.  Especially since playing music with Richie, we’ve got back into the swing of playing + singing.  From Richie we got Spotted Cow + After The Goldrush – (+ under that impetus I was able to drag up 2 from the recesses of my mind – Norwegian Wood + Moonshadow) + from Henry an old folk song – John the Gypsy.  Our repertoire is now 13 songs – remarkable!

Upon greater reflection, the enforced stay at Zipolite for a week has not been entirely a bad thing – it’s largely a case of adapting oneself to a different lifestyle, of using the time, rather than just passing it.  I at least have really enjoyed the water.  Just occasionally, when one’s timing is right, it is possible to ride the crest for huge distances – a marvellously exhilarating sensation.

Sunday evening, we spent mostly with Hugh + Mike, a Canadian + American.  Just talked, some about drugs, + Hugh produced Golden Root, a native herb, which, when you chew, gets your mouth working overtime.  Then a fine meal – fish, rice, salad – before bed.

So it appears that we do have the ability to while away the time, and to appreciate the slower pace, especially with the added attractions of regular empanadas – just like small pasties, really – and agreeable company.  But only when forced into it by circumstances – given free rein, we tend to be on the move.

Nice to think back on old songs, not all of which I recall.  Though I still like to perform, given the chance.

  1. Pamela J Blair

    Amazing, how one’s concept of time can change, when on an open-ended trip!

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