December 16th 1981

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Chris in front of Zipolite’s beach restaurants

We decided that after the severe blow I had managed to deal our finances the day before, we should move out of our luxury accommodation to a place further along the beach.  That had been our plan in any case, but the exorbitant cost of developing our film advanced things a little.  First, tho’, we took ourselves a walk, along to the next beach.  Hannes started to join us, but quickly relented when he learned it took an hour.  He was the wise one, since we got lost.  We followed a very tortuous path, scrambling up + down, thro’ brambles + under branches, till eventually it petered out at the top of a cliff.  At this point we arrived at the conclusion we had mistaken the path, so attempted to branch off on our way back.  Once again, the only thing we came to was a dead end, with a large + ominous bees nest to mark the spot.  We retreated rather rapidly, yet, not entirely daunted, broke off the return path once again when the opportunity offered, + this time found ourselves on a broad, clear path.  Now, there was only one error we could make: to choose the wrong direction.  Of course, we quickly realised our error, + from then on the path to the beach was very easy, this path being like a 4-lane highway compared with the one we’d been on.

The next beach was nice, +, better, deserted, so we swiftly stripped + jumped in, washing all the dust + dirt from us with a few dives.  Then walked on a little further to a little collection of huts around the point, where we bought 2 refrescos + chatted a little with the guy there.  The walk back was no trouble, + then Val finished off her book while I packed up, + then we left.  It’s curious how heat + a heavy load bring out the worst in one – we were a ratty pair walking along the beach. 

The first place we tried to stay didn’t impress us + wasn’t cheap, so we went to one that we’d thought about when we first arrived.  They set up hammocks for us, we swam (thereby improving our temper) + then sought out somewhere to eat, eventually settling on a place which served us a fish + some salad for $75 – tho’ not with much grace, since they even had to be persuaded to give is an extra fork.  Back to our “hotel” for a beer or two, + then bed, or rather hammock.

Our usual ability to get lost under almost any circumstances, even walking from one beach to the next!  Not too many directions to get lost in.

Our usual concern with saving money – it really did hamper our enjoyment of Mexico.  Not that having enough money is always beneficial, since it can also insulate one from real life, meeting only hotel receptionists and taxi drivers.  Though of course we had our own equivalents of these to deal with on the beach… and I wouldn’t day there was a great melding of culture.

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