December 15th 1981

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At Gloria’s

Breakfast in style – demi-style, anyway.  As usual, we fashioned ourselves banana rolls, in the privacy of our room, but then we finished things off in the proper manner – with coffee in the dining room-cum-lounge.  I’d arranged to go into Pochutla with 2 of the Germans, Hannes + Gudrun.  First, tho’, I had to wait for them to have their breakfast, a real breakfast, which took an age.  This meant that we were pretty late starting, so it was hot.  So.

A long hot walk to Puerto Angel, first right along the beach, + then the dusty road once more.  Most of the way to Puerto Angel anyway – a taxi picked us up on the road, + took us all the way to Pochutla, for the same price as from PA – so I suppose that was a saving.  At Pochutla I tried – again – to post our parcel, but when it began to look difficult my German friends trotted off to the bank, before it closed.  An American there was able to translate for me, that the PO wanted it wrapped in brown paper + string, + checked by customs – at Puerto Angel – before they would accept it.  That took some running around, plus putting in one film + buying another, plus buying some oranges.  That done, + feeling somewhat pissed off at a lot of running about, I despaired of finding H + G, so took a taxi to Puerto Angel.  The customs people there were quite nice, but again had me running about, thro’ a misunderstanding.  However, they did help me to wrap the parcel, + gave it the required stamp.  However, it still wasn’t posted, so had to be dragged back to Zipolite.

Met H + G, so walked back with them – except we got a lift in the back of a pick-up for most of the way – bumpy, but welcome.  As soon as we got back to Gloria’s, I dumped the purchases, ripped off (most of) my clothes, + leapt into the sea.  I’m not a strong swimmer, generally find swimming a rather boring activity, in fact, but here I can body-surf in with the waves – that I do enjoy, especially when you catch a wave right.  In the evening we ate at Gloria’s again – nice food, but not enough of it, – + then chatted + played cards with a couple of friendly Norwegians.

As ever, bureaucracy proving a nightmare; apart from anything else, we are still lugging our box of treasures around with us, in this case all the way to Puerto Angel and back.  And photography is not only taking up much of our time, it is also extremely expensive.  While nowadays we regard photos as essentially free.

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