December 3rd 1981

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San Miguel de Allende

Usual early awakening, but fortunately the train left at 7 for Puebla, so not too much sitting around.  However, on reflection, it may have done us as well to wait an hour, since we discovered after we boarded the train, that the journey was going to take 8 hours – to travel 90 miles!  There was another train at 8 – now it may have taken just as long, or maybe it didn’t have a second class, but I think we should have enquired.  Sustained ourselves with a cup of coffee + bread + jam for breakfast, then prepared for a long, slow ride.  And so, of course, it proved, tho’ without being of particular note.  We almost had a whole carriage to ourselves at the beginning, but various people got on, then off again.  Apart from the railroad employees, I think only we travelled the whole journey.

When we finally arrived in Puebla, our immediate task was to find Plum + Barbara, friends of Nigel’s.  We had an address, tho’ it didn’t sound much like one, + after asking we were directed first to the appropriate bus, + then along to the flat.  Much to our delight + somewhat to our surprise, Barbara was in, + very welcoming, inviting us in before she even knew who we were.  She had a guest, an American called Joe, + a permanent guest, a baby called Duncan, + Plum (Graham) returned from work – they both teach English – at about 10.  Ate then, + spent much time talking, mostly about Mexico.

No photos of Plum, Barbara, Duncan, or anything else from our time in Puebla, so please accept another photo of San Miguel instead. Our warm welcome in Puebla was greatly appreciated. It is just another example of what one might call the comfort of strangers; we did have an introduction from Nigel, our flatmate from just before we left, but we had never met them, and they were amazingly welcoming.

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