November 30th 1981

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Enjoying our luxurious hotel

For breakfast, I craved a café con leche, so we were extravagant, + had one in the hotel restaurant.  It turned out to be an expensive day all round.  Strolled through the market once again – it is almost next door to the hotel, so it can be difficult to avoid it.  On to the tourist office, to obtain a map of the town, + then cakes for the food part of breakfast, from a panaderia.  Also bought a short history of Mexico in English – another $100.  We’ve been having a problem finding Christmas cards, most of them here being like the worst you find at home, and expensive to boot, but managed to find an attractive postcard, bought some envelopes, + solved our problem.  Next visited the Instituto Allende, a prestigious art college in town.  A very attractive place, with a good view of the town on the hill up above it.  Then an area called El Chorro, with a massive terraced building – I don’t even know what it was, tho’ clearly it is not in use now,  but impressive all the same.

Coming back thro’ town, we bought me a woven shIrt for $180.  It was the sort of thing I’d been looking for, + was very pleased with it.  We then returned to the hotel to take ourselves a siesta, tho’ we didn’t sleep, but sat out on the terrace outside our room, first having lunch, a frightfully uninteresting onion sandwich, after which I read the History we’d bought, while Val began on the task of writing cards.

When the afternoon cooled a little, we went for a walk, first up on the hill above the town (where the condominiums are rising rapidly) + then back down + out towards the river.  It was getting dark now, so back to the hotel, once again to lie around – what luxury!  Come evening, once more to the town square, eating first enchiladas + tostadas at a small restaurant, then (I think) tortillas at a stall.  Good cheap food.

Not easy to comment on the above, as it all seems very pleasant  and relaxed.  It is interesting to think back on those times; both Val and I have a memory of a pretty dismal time, with poor health and always struggling to keep to our budget.  Well that may have been the case, but is not reflected in the diary entry.  I was very pleased with the shirt I bought, only later discovering that the material it was made from was largely used to make dishcloths.

  1. Pamela J Blair

    I loved going to the Instituto Allende. Now there’s a restaurant that serves delicious food, and on Thursdays there’s a jazz group that plays there, with a Mexican guitarist who’s fantastic. I had a Thanksgiving dinner there in 2016 (though there was little to be thankful for–Trump had just stolen the presidency). The view from the terrace is beautiful. It’s interesting for me to see SMA through your 1981 eyes.

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