November 18th 1981

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The Empire State building (no, not somehow transported to San Diego.)

Slept like 2 logs, + when we awoke had no idea of the time, so just lay around for what seemed like a reasonable amount of time, + then got up.  Val made some breakfast – back, I’m afraid, to the old standard: a jam sandwich, a banana, some milk.  Ho hum.  After seeing the wasteland on which we were to camp, we had almost resolved to move on today, but the Jacuzzi + swimming pool had somewhat softened our resolution, + we thought we were due for a rest in any case, after the hectic 1200 mile drive.  So we wandered over to the beach, + sat down there for a while, lapping up the sunshine.  While we were doing that, Val read (an H E Bates “Larkin” book) while I set about catching up with the diary, which had been sorely neglected.  After a little while tho’, a cold wind sprang up, so we left the beach to find shelter.  In fact, we moved a couple of times, each time being driven on by the wind, finally gravitating towards the pool, where at last we were able to get out of the wind + hot.  When, of course, we jumped in the pool.  And then warmed up in the Jacuzzi.  And then strolled over to the games room, where we spent a swift dollar or two.  Yes, we were certainly taking it easy today.  So easy, in fact, that we were rapidly boring ourselves rigid.  We were trying to work out how people could stand such a life for 2 weeks or so.  I suppose it would be better in a large group.  When it got dark, back to the Jacuzzi – it was really hot in there this evening.  Very Californian, just sitting + rapping.  Dragged ourselves out + back to the tent to cook hot dogs – bloody marvellous they were.  Then to the café, to drink coffee + watch a great edition of The Muppet Show on their big screen TV.  And then… an early night.

Our first – and actually probably only – experience of Californian hot tub culture, considerably affecting our decision to stay another day.

Still no photo, so postcard no 2 from the early days of our trip (bought to replace the one we thought we’d lost on the street.)

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