November 11th 1981

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Liz and Brent (who is either shielding his eyes from the sun, or attempting to remain incognito.)

Somehow, Brent managed to respond to the alarm at the proper hour + wake everyone else – today was a work day for L + B, up at some luxury condominiums they were insulating, north of Vancouver at a ski resort called Whistler.  Breakfast, bye-bye to Bruce – he too had stayed the night – + off.  Surprised that the roads were empty, till we remembered the date – Remembrance Day, + a national holiday.  First stop was at Brent’s sister’s, Shelley.  She worked with them, so we transferred to her car, + kept on going.  The plan was (I keep writing that phrase) for us to walk around Whistler while the others were working, but it soon became obvious that that notion, like so many others, would have to disappear, since the weather was disgusting, + got worse the further north we went.  The highway was nerve-wracking too – just a couple of weeks before, a mud slide had swept away a bridge here, + several cars had plunged into the river, providing a messy end for their occupants.  We broke the journey for a very pleasant breakfast, then pushed on.  The other 3 had done most of the insulating there was to do already, + just had a few more hours to do… the crawlspaces.  While they were working, Shelley lent her car to us, + we used it to drive into Whistler village.  Car was nice, except we couldn’t get it into 1st or 2nd gear – it seems Shelley is the only one who can.  Still.  Village was impressive, tho’ only half-finished, + obviously a super luxury resort of the future.  However, still pissing down, so we didn’t stay long (tho’ we did have to reverse Shelley’s car up a hill when it couldn’t manage it in 3rd.)  Sat around till they’d finished, then, once they’d changed, the long drive back to Shelley’s.  The horrific thing – Shelley’s + B’s sister’s parents-in-law – a really dreadful pair – were still there… well, it was their house, tho’ they were away most of the time.  We avoided them, sitting in S’s room, watching TV, drinking beer, eating (some delicious Italian food.)  Drove home, late.

Reversing the car up a hill would have been interesting to see – can’t say I remember it.

Apologies for the lack of relevance of the photo – I really am struggling to find enough photos, so this is somewhat scraping the barrel.

  1. Pamela J Blair

    Too bad you didn’t get to walk around Whistler. I took a hike there that was incredibly beautiful. What a luxury ski resort it is! In the summer, of 2012, when I was there, mountain bikers were using all the ski runs, dressed like robocops, they wore so many plastic shields. They’ve now got a gondola that links Whistler with another ski resort. Scary ride.

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