November 10th 1981

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The laziest of days today.  The intention had been to go + take a look at Vancouver itself – we really had barely seen anything when we’d come through before.  However… first of all, L + B got a phone call asking them to go out to do a job.  That in itself did not cause any too terrible problems, since they reckoned they’d be back in next to no time… well, an hour or so.  So, we just sat around in the kitchen.  It was there + then that the phone rang.  It was Brent’s parents, asking us to pass on the information that Brent’s granny was ill, + had been taken to hospital.  Of course, they were late getting back, + then Brent wasn’t able to get thro’ to anyone to find out any more information, so we sat around for a while longer.  When Brent was eventually able to discover the situation (she wasn’t as bad as had first been feared) it was getting quite late in the day, but we still weren’t abandoning hopes of seeing Vancouver.  The next plan was to drive in + look around, + then meet up with a friend of theirs, Bruce, at a restaurant in town.  A phone call – + away with Plan B.  Apparently, for some reason we were unable to fathom, Bruce couldn’t meet us in town, but could come out to the house in the evening.  We gave up, + abandoned Vancouver to its fate.

Instead, we adopted domesticity.  I don’t remember what I did (I should explain… I am over a week behind in my diary-keeping) but Val + Liz attempted to mend our rucksack, while Brent got on with double-glazing his greenhouse.  Then off to the shops, for booze, some food, + a penny whistle for Liz.  This latter sparked off a musical hour when we got back, Liz + Val both being flautists, + also utilising penny whistle + recorder.  Bruce turned up early, so we sat around drinking retsina + talking, before trekking off to the Greek restaurant.  More retsina, some good food, + Bruce desperately trying to chat up the young waitress.  He seemed OK – perhaps a bit of a prat, but then I don’t know him.  It was to be our treat, but proved expensive, so others helped.  Then back for cards for a while, then bed.

How today can be the laziest of days when all of the others have been just the same does puzzle me… anyway. Another of those examples of things just not working out as intended; one of the things we are discovering is how little you can actually control events, and how much you just have to go with the flow.

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