November 8th 1981

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Chris with Seamus

Late, again.  Val + I were last up, thus affording a degree of entertainment to the gathered assembly.  Those left were the original Famous Five, plus Annie, Andrew, Shelley (Brent’s sister), + Rita, her friend, tho’ the last 2 left almost immediately.  From that point on, it was just about typical post-party party – sitting around, soporifically.  We played cards – Nap – for a while, + somehow I managed to win again.  (Question – why am I recording my every victory?)  Some time, we started drinking again – rather surprisingly, no-one was too ill from the night before.  Perhaps we were just immune by this time.  Poor old Annie was blackmailed into giving up the rest of the bottle of Khalua she’d bought, + was planning to take home.  We started a game of hearts, at which both Annie + Andrew were fairly useless, + then they left.  Brent took them to the bus stop.  Oh, I forgot; immediately after getting up, we all went down to a café to buy some breakfast – it was fairly expensive + not very nice – + on the way back we stopped off at a yard sale, where Robbie bought a cross-saw.  Anyway, while Brent was out taxi-ing, Robbie + I set to work, + with the aid of his new implement, we were able to fill up the woodstore in about half an hour.  And then, the card game + drinking re-commenced.  We all got pretty drunk + had quite a good laugh while we were playing.  We’ve enjoyed our time here, but I must say I’m ready to move on now.  Liz reminds me of Michelle Loader, the girl I shared the flat with in Oxford, in that she’s rather temperamental, + one never really knows where one is, whether one is really welcome.  In some ways, tho, Brent is outwardly more abrupt + rude, in a joking sort of way, I feel far more secure + comfortable with him.  Tho’ I do very much admire the way they’re trying to live, eschewing the capitalist life, being as self-sufficient as possible, doing jobs for others when necessary.  And not just spouting about it, but really doing it.  Admittedly they have the advantage of having secured rent-free property with plenty of land, but that’s the sort of opportunity you have to grab, + they’re making the most of it, chopping their own wood, brewing their own beer, growing their own veg, baking bread.

I suppose I ought to address my comments about Liz.  As I have said before, I have a tendency to jump in feet first with my assessments of other people.  I know Liz much better now, and can find no trace of the unpredictability I complain of… quite the reverse.  Though I do temper my criticism with some slightly patronising comments upon their life-style.  All the weaker for the way they have truly embraced a more sustainable way of life throughout their lives, and we see the mess that ordinary, everyday life has wreaked upon the planet.  

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