November 7th 1981

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As usual – it seems to be par for the course in this house, at least while we’ve been here – got up late, + sat around over breakfast for a while.  This time it was the women who got things going on the trench, Liz, then Val, getting busy with spade + pickaxe, but Robbie + I were soon out there to join them.  It took very little time to finish things off, partly because there were 4 of us working now, partly because we were onto a much easier section.  Soon done, + Brent, returning from shopping with Annie, slapped in the pipe, + we got busy shovelling everything in again.  A bit of a break then, sitting around – the usual pre-party things.  Brent, he being the master baker of the establishment, got busy baking perskis – they’re sort of open rolls, filled with cottage cheese.  I sat + wrote this for a while, + then volunteered to go out + chop wood.  I really get into that, tho’ I don’t think I could claim to be efficient.  I was sawing off odd branches into serviceable lengths, then splitting it, if necessary.  Val came out + talked for a while – she wasn’t too happy, + needed some attention, something I’d been remiss in not giving her. 

I came in after it was dark + started to drink.  Slowly, slowly, the party started to come to life.  First off was eating – the perskis were delicious, + there were 2 great salads.  And then people drifted in, tho’ maybe drifted is the wrong word, since each arrival was greeted with a great cheer from the gathered assembly.  There were never many there, tho’ it turned out to be a good party.  We played a game for a while, passing round an object, + using it as different objects.  It was really funny, mainly because everybody was good, especially 2 of B’s friends, Phil + Diane, + rather surprisingly, Robbie.  I also chatted for a time with B’s garrulous friend, Andrew, who is basically fairly intelligent + fairly crazy.  Then the fireworks of course – + I forgot, there was a great Guy for burning that we’d made.

Guy burning!

  Some dancing, some smoking, a lot of drinking.  For a while we sat around the fire making up limericks, till Phil collapsed.  Eventually, bed.

Bonfire parties – they seem to punctuate our life.  Last night (in real, 2021 time) we enjoyed the most recent version – no guy, because of laziness, and just one short burst of fireworks, because of the climate.  Note the introduction of a drama favourite – pass the object – and apologies, once again, for the sly dig against Robbie.

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