November 5th 1981

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Brent trying to avoid being photographed

Today was the day of our return to civilisation – well, to Brent + Liz’s place, anyway.  Despite this, we didn’t make an early start, and this proved to be something of a mistake, since by the time we got everything loaded, had breakfast, + got ourselves dressed + up (in reverse order), we checked the clock + then the ferry schedule, + discovered we wouldn’t have enough time to drive to Nanaimo in order to catch the 12.30 ferry, + the next one didn’t leave till 2.30, so there was nothing for it but to sit down round the table + play cards – contract whist this time.  (Don’t remember who won, but I lost.)  Just finished the game in time to leap into the car + roar off.  I read some of Kool Aid Acid Test, but I must confess I’m finding it heavy-going.  I find spaced-out writing difficult to handle, but I guess that’s my weakness rather than the book’s.  Also a swift round of Botticelli – Bob Dylan, John McEnroe, Dustin Hoffman, Yogi Bear + Bilbo Baggins made a nice variety.  Perfect timing this time – arrived just before they let people on the ferry.  Once on, we immediately bagged ourselves some chairs, improvised a table out of a litter bin, and settled down to our second card game of the day, hearts.  I won! (for the first time.)  Broke halfway for lunch.  L + B are vegetarians, + we shocked them… tho’ not much… by eating hamburgers.  At Horseshoe Bay, stopped off to phone Driveaway… tho’ nothing going… + then, biding our time while the Vancouver rush-hour traffic died away, we went up to Simon Fraser uni bar + had a couple of beers.  It was just like any other college bar I’ve ever been in. 

Drove home, + spent quite a while listening to the radio trying to find out the time.  Finally succeeded, to discover that Liz was near as dammit late for her yoga class.  Brent rushed her in – the rest of us just lazed around for a while, + we ate cheese sandwiches late on when everyone was back.

Quick explanation of Botticelli – one person chooses a character, fact or fiction, and the others have to guess who it is by using a series of yes/no questions.

More general laziness and lack of purpose, it would seem.

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