November 2nd 1981

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Our 3rd day in the Great Mushroom Hunt.  Robbie must have got up early + gone out,  because he re-appeared at about 8.30, + told us he’d called a friend of his, who seemed to know where there were some, + arranged for us to go there at 10.  This provoked a certain amount of movement in the rest of us, + we managed to get ourselves moving.  Robbie’s friend was a nurse –  I forget her name – + she was there with her year old son + her sister.  Very friendly tho’ – she gave us all a cup of coffee, + told us about some places she’d heard of, tho’ she hadn’t been picking herself.  Her kid was great – very sociable.  Left after a while to check out the places she’d mentioned – it’s a tricky situation in BC at the moment, because they’re really tightening up on the trespass laws, purely because of shrooms.  We couldn’t find any unfenced fields, so spent a little while searching along the sides of the road.  Fruitless tho’, so tried another of Robbie’s friends, Jim – he wasn’t as friendly, but then he had just got up.  He didn’t have any suggestions to make, so we drove first to a vegetarian shop – which was shut – + then drove down to the beach.  A nice stroll – Seamus the cat is really good, he follows along just like a dog.  Then back to the general store near there, a small one with a café department, + had lunch – cheese sandwiches.  I don’t think the place could handle us very well.  When we left, we had another little look around.  We parked down a country lane, walked down there a bit, but gave up when we came upon a farmhouse.  Last try – Liz stayed with the car, while the rest of us jumped the fence into UBC farmland – in fact, we had to jump the fence twice, because the first time we were cut off by a creek.  A useless trip tho’ – about 8 shrooms.  When we got back to the jolly motel room, Brent got into a real mood – I think because Liz turned the telly off on him – I know how he feels since I often go the same way.  Played cards – contract whist, then hearts.

Another day of more or less fruitless searching, such being the wages of illegal activity!

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    … somewhere along the line I seem to have lost track of which car is which….
    …. it seems like just a few days back you had to scrap a car because it was knackered…
    … just gave it to the tow truck
    guy who gave you a lift into town…
    … last couple of days there has been mentioned a car…
    … whose is it …what is it…
    … how did you get hold of it.. how much did it cost…?
    … I’m guessing highly likely there would be quite a little adventure in the process of seeking out then buying a second-hand car…
    … I seem to have missed it…

    • chriswalters

      Probably the fault of my diary-keeping. No, we are definitely car-less at this point, but staying with Brent and Liz, so the car might have been theirs (the Cortina with no lights) or possibly Robbie’s (whose silencer dropped off) or even Shelley’s, Brent’s sister!

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