October 31st 1981

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Liz, Val and Robbie

Hallowe’en.  Ho hum.  Breakfast was a scrambled egg cum omelette.  Needless to say, after the exploits of the night before, we didn’t get off to a very early start.  But finally, after much lounging about, + then a leisurely, even sluggish, clearing-up, we were on our way.  I should mention first though, that last night we went to the pub – it was actually quite a good place, except for the PA system for food.  But the combination of shrooms + booze did not seem to do me any good.  After a while I began to feel faint, + collapsed in the pub as Val was helping me out to get some fresh air.  I then collapsed again immediately outside, but 5 minutes of night air revived me wonderfully, sufficient to return + finish my beer.

Anyway… we stopped off to lay in provisions, then drove north.  We were heading towards the north of the island, to visit a place that Brent had heard was good for mushrooms.  It was quite a drive tho’ – Robbie estimated it at 100 miles, + it turned out to be more.  Still, we managed to keep ourselves amused, mainly by playing Botticelli.  Brent is a strange guy – he’s very quiet most of the time, but for the last day, while on holiday, he really becomes loud, extremely so at times, + Liz says this is normal.  He really gives Robbie a hard time, is nasty, I think, especially when Robbie doesn’t have the capacity for hitting back – not intellectually anyway, physically he’s very big.  We arrived at the Nimpkish campsite in good time, + set up the tent, a big 6-man belonging to Brent.  Then we set up a fire – Brent did really – there was plenty of wood around.  And then we got on with the great mushroom hunt.  We did find a few before it got dark, tho’ I didn’t get any benefit from the ones I ate.  Had a good meal tho’, of baked potatoes followed by sweet potatoes, then sat around drinking beer.  We had plenty.  And then crawled into a cosy tent.

Know Brent much better now, and there is no trace of what I call “Nasty”, but I can only suppose I wrote down what I saw.  Interesting to see Botticelli – a guessing game – making another appearance, last used while crossing the desert to Las Vegas.

The “collapses” sounded frightening, but clearly had only the most temporary of effects.

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