October 30th 1981

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Val in the motel room

Up early since today was a travel day – we were all going over to Vancouver Island for a few days.  We had to get to the ferry by 9.15, but naturally, packing everything together meant we were pretty much late.  However, despite having to stop off for petrol, we made it… just.  We were the last ones on before they shut the gates behind us.  Seamus, L + B’s Manx cat, had come along with us, but unfortunately he wasn’t allowed off the car deck, so had to be left in the car.  The 4 of us went up to the restaurant to have an infamous BC ferry breakfast – it really was pretty awful, but we managed to fill ourselves up.

We drove off the ferry into pretty poor weather, and then we had a 3 hour or so drive up to see Robbie, a friend of theirs in Campbell River.  I spent most of the journey reading the paper – something of a luxury for me.  At about 3 tho’, we arrived at Campbell River, + then had to find Robbie.  Brent knew that Robbie was living in a motel, but he didn’t know in which one, so we had to drive to Tourist Information, + phone Robbie’s parents.  That information in hand, we drove out there, only to find that Robbie wasn’t in.  Just driving away to get some food, when Robbie drove past us, the other way.  Quick turn around.  Robbie seemed a nice guy, tho’ a bit slow.  He was very friendly, + gave Val + I 5 mushrooms each.  Doesn’t sound much, but they must have been strong, + we had empty stomachs.  In any case, we both got smashed.  We played the matchsticks on a beer bottle game for a while, + then moved on to Hearts, a game which Liz + Brent seem to be very fond of.  There was a short break on when I braved the elements – there was a terrific wind + rain – to phone for a pizza.  (Why can’t they have such things in England?)  Finally finished the game at about 4 – Val won, so Brent, previously undefeated, had to sign the score card.

Latest episode in our ongoing saga to sample whatever mind-altering substances were available.  In England, we have, by now, caught up with the pizza delivery service… just about everything you could ever want to eat service nowadays, of course, and no need to venture out into the night to track down a phone box.

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