October 29th 1981

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Liz, showing her disdain for the camera

And so, a new beginning.  Yesterday, we’d been driving ourselves, maybe calling in to see Liz + Brent for a day or two.  Now?  Well…

A late-ish start, so that by the time we’d got up, Brent had already got up + lit the stove, so things were set up for a long and pleasant breakfast.  There was Earl Grey tea, fresh fruit salad, toast + honey.  And most important, just sitting + talking.  Then we drove into town, to do some chores.  The Post Office, then the Liquor Store, then the supermarket, then a small store which sold fireworks.  L + B are having a party to celebrate Guy Fawkes on Nov 7th, + as fireworks are on sale at the moment for Hallowe’en, + not after, we bought some today.  Spent a hell of a lot of money on next to nothing.  Then some wire to fix the lights on the car, then home.

Lunch next – once again, a leisurely affair, of toasted cheese sandwiches + plenty of conversation.  Liz is really very easy to talk to + easily entertained – a definite plus in terms of character.  In the afternoon, we finally dragged ourselves out into the garden.  Brent fixed the car, Liz did some gardening, + Val + I painted a cold frame.  First of all tho’ we had to scrape all the mould + dirt off the wood.  I’m not a very practical person, + lack the patience to do a proper job, especially when it comes to things like scraping round a window frame – fiddly + awkward.  Still, we finished off the inside, which was all that was asked of us.  We were happy to do it, since in some way we were paying for our stay, it stopped us from getting bored, + anyway we would have felt guilty sitting around while the others worked.

In the evening, again we sat around talking + listening to music – they’re both interested in folk music.  I thought for a while that we were going to be missing out on an evening meal, but late-ish we sat down to a terrific vegetable salad, + loads of it.

Hm.  I’m not a practical person, apparently… though it getting hard to work out what I am good at.  And I come across as all high and mighty at deigning to do a  bit of painting.

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