October 26th 1981

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I had arranged with Mr K that I should work today, picking up props.  I’d no idea how long it would take, but managed to crawl out of bed at a vaguely appropriate hour – about 8 or so.  To all intents + purposes, Val was dead to the world, so I revived her with breakfast in bed.  Just about as we were finishing eating, Mr K turned up outside on his tractor, so I said I’d see him up at the house as soon as I finished my toast.  When I got there, he was on the phone – he was selling some land, apparently a practice he indulges in every so often.  So Mr K turns out to be just another beastly speculator.  We started work then, which wasn’t too difficult – he would drive the tractor up one row, down the next, stopping wherever there was a pile of props under a tree, in order for me to pick them up + put them on the trailer.  Then, when he had a full load, he would take it to his prop stack, + we would unload them all.  After 3 such trips, he decided it was time for lunch, so we broke for an hour.  I went back to the cabin to discover Val clearing up (virtuous) + that she’d got up at 11.30 (not so.)  We had some soup, then tea, then back to work for another few loads before stopping for another break.  This time tho’, no time for tea.  Annoying, because I could have done with it – the trees were very wet in any case, but we’d just been treated to a real downpour.  However, to work again, till 5, when it was almost dark.  We had only  banked on one day’s work at most, but we were in no real hurry, so I offered my services for the following day too – Mr K accepted, seemed pleased. 

Val didn’t seem to be too good when I got in, so she slept while I cooked tea – a cheesy stew a la Rob.  To be fair, she had already done the hard part, prepare the veg.  We then went down  to Luuigi’s bar to have a couple of drinks to prepare us for the evening – another Kuiper slide show.  And it turned out to be worse than the first one – no beer, (tea + cake instead) + then, tho’ the slides weren’t too bad, a Mr K monologue, which just went on + on.  I’m glad I didn’t have a small machine gun handy, or I’m sure I would have used it.

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