October 25th 1981

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Magic!  The first day that we didn’t have to get up for work (for quite a while, anyway) so we celebrated by stubbornly staying in bed.  At least, I stayed in bed till 12 – Val got up a little earlier and made me breakfast.  I’m sorry, I’ve just been corrected – I made breakfast, + then leapt back into bed, + read a little… I’ve started “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid test”.  (I should explain – usually when I write this I ask Val for her recollections, especially when I’m a day or two behind – + she is able to correct me.)  Then we drove into Mission Park area, as a local secondary school there was having a flea market.  Unfortunately, we arrived there a bit late, + there wasn’t all that much left.  However, bought John Fowles “The Collector”.  Tried again to ring Liz, again no reply then came home.

A domestic afternoon – Val sewed, while I first wrote the diary, then read, temporarily abandoning Tom Wolfe for John Fowles.  In the evening, we cooked bangers + mash, with carrots + mushy peas, followed by fresh fruit salad.  And then, finally, we made it to the cinema.  We’d finally found a film on in which we were vaguely interested, tho’ that was only because it starred Sissy Spacek, not because we knew anything about it.  It was called “Raggedy Man”, + tho’ the plot was both predictable + melodramatic, the acting was of a very high standard, + it evoked the mood of war-time Texas effectively.  It also has Sam Shepard, the US playwright, in it, which lent a curious touch.

No excitement like the night before on the way home.  I think that Kelowna is quite well-equipped for things to do, with a fair few cinemas, discos, etc, but we’ve been without the necessary time, inclination, + energy to take advantage of them all.  By the way, I forgot to mention that yesterday, while doing the washing, Val decided to put her hand thro’ the wringer – very pink.  She was relatively calm about it – it was me that panicked.  Ho hum.

Demob happy already, I see… though you must be too, having endured six weeks of apple talk.  Liz was the same one we had tried to contact on our first pass through Vancouver, and – we hoped – our next host.

Not sure why the appearance of Sam Shepard, an actor of note, as well as a playwright, should have “lent a curious note”, and no way of interrogating the past, so we’ll never know.  Just me being clever (or trying to.)

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