October 23rd 1981

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Lake Okanagan

And so, up and out, for the last day?  Let’s say 10 bins.  Well, Val + I could manage 5 or 6, + with Eddie + Mr K picking, surely that would be enough to finish things off.  Anyway, we got going, our hopes high.  The apples were pretty awful tho’, with short stems +, more often than not, would come off the trees with their spurs on.  (The spur is a little piece of twig, joining the stem to the tree.  When this comes off with the apple, it has to be broken off + thrown away.  Though it has been known for the thoughtless picker – this one anyway – to keep the spur + discard the apple.)  Eddie deflated our hopes somewhat by doubting whether we would finish the trees today, + throughout the afternoon we were alternately hopeful + despondent, depending on how it looked things were going.  However, it was getting late, + we thought we might just make it when Val spotted an extra 2 trees.  That did it, + so it proved – when it became too dark to carry on, there were still 2 unstarted trees.  Rats!  (to put it mildly.)  We plodded home, feeling rather fed up with ourselves, +  being disappointed 3 nights running was taking it a bit far.  Still, never mind, as my mother would say on such occasions.

We cooked a tasty tea, of bacon, eggs, beans, and Spanish rice.  There was a little too much of the latter, but nice all the same.  And then off to the theatre – I’d seen that a local amateur group was putting on “Hedda Gabler” in the local college, so we went along there – tho’ we thought at first that we’d got the wrong night – there were very few cars, and, as it turned out, the audience was small.  Ultimately, a moderately enjoyable production, tho’ mainly because of the qualities of the play itself, plus 2 good actors.  It was played in the round, for, so far as I could see, no very good reason, + most of the cast were very stilted, unsure of their lines, unnatural really.  The 2 exceptions were Hedda herself (thank God!) + Lovborg, an intense performance, full of nervous energy.  Jorgen had some good moments too.  Glad we went!

Our desperation to get to the end of the picking season is palpable; only too likely, therefore, that it should be protracted.  A rare foray into (relatively) high culture, even when delivered by an amateur company.

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