October 19th 1981

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Still feeling a long way from my perky best, so after receiving breakfast in bed for the second morning running (what bliss!), I was left in bed while Val went off to work.  I promised myself that I’d  get up at 11, but I broke my word to myself (I’ve done it before) + stayed in bed till 11.30.  I’d spent the morning reading, finishing “Confessions of a hope fiend” by Timothy Leary – there were a couple of interesting sections, but basically it was a load of old rubbish, churned out, it seemed to me, to pull in a few dollars.  Anyway, got up, had a few more corn flakes, made a cheese sandwich to share with Val for lunch, + took the week’s tickets over to the farmhouse.  Then joined Val.  I’d thought I was feeling much better, but by the time I’d walked all the way up the hill to her, I was shattered + feeling very weak again.  Almost turned straight around + came back to bed, but stayed for a while + picked.  Val let me just take the low ones, so I wouldn’t have to use a ladder – tho’ I did venture up a few times, + I stayed till 4 o’clock.  The fresh air did me some good, but I was starting to feel clogged up, + had a headache, so decided to call it a day then.

I told Val dinner would be ready at 7, + so it was.  We had another spaghetti carbonara… sort of… which went down a treat.  Then we followed it up with pancakes, one just with syrup, the other livened up with banana + brown sugar.  Magic.  Then an early night.  We don’t play as many games as when Rob was around, partly because we’re a bit bored with card games for two – a chess set would be a good idea – + partly because there doesn’t seem to be the impetus to play when there are just  2 of us, + we see each other 24 hrs a day anyway.

Lazy old me once again; clearly I was aware that I was not pulling my weight, but that does not seem to have prodded me into doing much (just an hour or two of fairly desultory work, it appeared) about it.

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