October 18th 1981

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I hate Sundays – always have, always will, I expect.  I woke up this particular Sunday feeling dreadful, tho’ I must admit getting breakfast in bed again – hot milk on corn flakes, toasted muffin with raspberry jam, + tea – did improve my feelings somewhat.  Decided I should stay in bed, at least for the morning.  This produced mixed feelings.  Definitely the best thing for my health – it really is a stinking cold – but also have to confess the break from picking was very welcome.  And this produced feelings of guilt, especially with Val out working all day.  Ah well.  Turned off the radio at about 9.30, turned over, + slept pretty solidly till 12.30, tho’ I do have some vague recollections of a conversation between Vincent + Eddie.  Got up at 12.30 + peeled some potatoes at the same time as toasting some bread for lunch.  A mistake this, as I managed to burn two lots.  Cooked some soup for lunch, + went out to call Val in.

In the afternoon, I wandered up the orchard to say hello to Val, + then took a picture of some apples – what else?  Strolled up thro’ the gully + up into top field, where we’d camped.  It was really quite sad standing up there, seeing our filled-in fire hole, sprouting grass already.  It was a beautiful day again, mist like it had been when we arrived.  I stood on the fire-site + took a 360 degree panorama – it took 8 and a half shots, and everything was a bit too bright + hazy, but the place is so beautiful, it deserved commemorating.

Went down again to cabin + performed various chores – cleaning up, chopping wood.  Drove down to the store to buy some postcards plus one or two other little things + came back.  Val came I n really late, when it was virtually dark outside – she’d just had to finish a bin.  She’d done 4 and a half bins today… pretty amazing, tho’ it does rather highlight the weak member of the team.  Had a terrific meal – fish with a white sauce, potatoes + mixed veg, followed by rice pud.  With added sugar it’s as good as Ambrosia’s best.  I felt awful again, so into bed, + read.

Not an entry which reflects too well on me, but there you go. “Ah well,” as i wrote at the time. My guilt about Val working while I slept (all right, I had a cold, but still) did not seem to deter me from having a pretty lazy afternoon, going for a stroll, dealing badly with some light domestic chores, driving to the shop (again!)  Val tells me she was determined to show what she could do on the picking front.

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