October 14th/15th 1981

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Testing the produce

Don’t really know what to say about these 2 days… They were a Wednesday+ Thursday…  We ate granola with banana for breakfast, followed by tea + toast… Val has much more willpower than I have, she seems to be able to get out of bed.  Tho’, to be fair, we generally prepare breakfast in bed for each other on alternate mornings, so that must mean I struggle out every so often…  We picked from 9 o’clock till about 6 or a little after, breaking only for a quarter hour lunch of Mars bar + an apple.  Generally speaking, I’m more than ready to stop work by the time we’ve picked 6 bins, but Val usually wants to work on, +, in order not to appear the wimp of the century, I carry on.

I have to agree with the younger me, I don’t know what to say either.  Once again, I do not cast myself in the best of lights, but my self-criticism would seem, pretty clearly, to be entirely justified.  More of a hindrance than a help.


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