October 11th/12th 1981

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Oct 11th, Sunday, was a flat day, tho’ I must admit it wasn’t like Sundays I’ve always hated.  Just at the moment, getting up late, reading the Observer and tackling the crossword, eating + recovering, from a hefty roast beef dinner, + then lazing around doing nothing for the rest of the day, does seem rather attractive.  But back to the matter in hand.  A slightly later start to the day, + then the usual half-dozen bins, finishing at 6.30, by which time it was dark.  Our Sunday dinner was a vegetable curry – it wasn’t quite as nice as the one we’d had before, but it was missing out on a couple of items.  And then some reading + writing before bed.

And then, Thanksgiving Day… the Canadian version anyway.  Our third holiday in America, + probably the most hard-working of the lot.  Once again, we worked all day – once Val had coaxed me out of bed after serving me breakfast in it.  There’s been a French Canadian called James working here for the past few days – he approached me today + asked if it would be possible to come round for a meal.  I said yes, but we’re a little worried about him making a habit of it – we don’t think we want to surrender our new-found privacy so easily.  Rob was different, sort of part of the family.  In the evening, we got dressed up (as much as we can) + went out for a turkey dinner.  The first couple of places we tried were shut, + we nearly resorted to a pretty grotty chain restaurant, but fortunately we chanced upon a restaurant that was much nicer – the Baron’s Table, it was.  A sort of buffet, where you could serve yourself, as much as you want.  We gorged ourselves silly – salad, meat + veg… twice!… fruit salad.  Then we ordered one special coffee, + they gave us another on the house!  Broke but stuffed, we struggled home.

I feel a little bad that we were so mean about James; I really do think that we were grieving about Rob, and that it seemed wrong to replace him so quickly.

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