October 8th/9th 1981

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Rob had decided that he was going to leave on Saturday – first to Vancouver, then to Fiji on his way to Australia – lucky bugger.  So, his farewell dinner would have to be Friday night, the 9th.  Val trotted off to work at 8.30 – I was going to the shops to buy some booze, + Rob decided to come in too.  Hang on – oh dear, I’m getting confused, that’s Friday.  Mind you, Thursday was pretty unexciting, not really worth writing about.  We picked all day, then came home to the day’s highlight.  Rob cooked one of his special cheesy stews, + we followed it with creamed rice pudding – magic.  Unfortunately, neither Rob nor Val felt very well, so Val crawled into bed, + I brewed up some slippery elm tea for both of them.  It was very thick + pretty horrible so it may have done no good.

Then, the next morning, Rob decided that the slippery elm hadn’t helped enough, so came in with me to go to Boots.  We drove in at about 10 to 9, only to discover when we got there that the liquor store, the main purpose for the visit, didn’t open till 10.  However, we got some throat lozenges, did some shopping, + somehow it was 20 to, so we had a cup of coffee, then got some beer.  When we got back, Val was very mad at me – understandably so, to some extent, since I had been later than I’d promised before, but then I got mad with her, since she refused to listen to any explanation, merely sulked.  However, we made it up, + then there was the celebration to look forward to.  A magnificent time, too.  We started the evening with booze, then move on to a grass omelette.  Next came the main course – bangers, mash + mushy peas, washed down with a huge bottle of wine, + then chocolate + rum pudding, followed by joints + beer.  As you can imagine, after that lot, we were wasted.  We played a couple of Drama games – rocking, being led, that sort of thing, which really zonked Rob, + we had a really fun game of twister, using the floorboards.  Then, after some toast + honey (I had the munchies as usual) I crashed out.  God knows what the other two got up to then.

Quite a scene of debauchery – booze, drugs, food, and twister.  Another of our regular rows, but understandable, all the more so since I seemed to take advantage of every opportunity to skive off picking.

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