October 6th 1981

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The interior of our cabin

An eventful day.  To begin with, it was chucking it down outside, the answer to my prayers – apple-picking gets to you when you’re at it 10 hours a day, so the rest that rain gives you is very welcome.  Terrific just to lay in bed, knowing you don’t have to get up.  Heard on the radio that Sadat had been shot, was slightly wounded, + then dead.  It’s a frightening world.  Rob came round, + we got him to make us breakfast in bed.  When we got up, I collected our money from Mrs K, signing for it as Kevan Baker + Graham Dowdie, then drove to town.

A few chores to perform – mainly going to bank, + then back to Mission Centre to buy shopping – booze +food.  The weather had cleared up by now, so when we got back we ate some lunch + then decided to pick some apples, tho’ without any enthusiasm.  Val annoyed me by being a bit canny about how much work we would do, but it was probably a good thing, since I got angry + beavered away like mad, so the we picked 2 andf a half bins in 3 hours.  We rushed thro’ our evening meal of macaroni cheese so that we could get out to Okanagan College by 7.30 to see an old Elvis Presley movie.  Disaster!  It was very muddy + I couldn’t turn the car round properly, so took a short cut across a corner of the orchard.  However, the way became confused in the dark, and I chose to take Rob’s advice rather than Val’s on the way to go.  Fatal, since we ended up stuck right at the bottom of the orchard, unable to move either way.  Got myself sprayed with mud from a spinning wheel all over my clean clothes.  I was furious with myself – then Val slipped over in the mud – second night running.

Back to the cabin, where we got pissed + played a tournament of games.  It started sensibly, but became increasingly silly – matches on a beer bottle, lying across 2 chairs, finally at 2 o’clock hide ‘n seek in the dark.  Oh yes.  Val broke off a bit of the cooker.  Great night.

Just shows how disaster can turn into triumph… if playing hide ‘n seek in the middle of the night counts as triumph.

Don’t know why I gave false names for our apples – sheer mischief, or some attempt to fool the taxman.  Kevan is a friend of mine from schooldays; no idea who Graham is/was.

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