October 2nd/3rd 1981

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Rob, Pontiac, Val

A double entry again, mainly I’m afraid in an effort to catch up – even with a light to write by at night, it’s difficult to keep up – I’m usually too knackered, or there’s a more interesting distraction – a game of cards or something.  Anyway, Friday was another full day of picking, + after our first flush of enthusiasm the day before, things went much slower – the apples were smaller too, and as well as making the work harder, that is also rather demoralising.

Once again, come the evening, we were shattered, + just sat around in weary stupor.  We ate spaghetti that evening, + very nice it was too.  I cooked the sauce, to try + resemble carbonara, mixing bacon, onion, a tin of condensed mushroom soup, + some milk, + very successful it was too.  Afterwards, I drove Rob into town to pick up some film from Safeway, and on the way back we called in at a motel where some pickers we knew lived, to try + buy some grass.  Unfortunately, however, they weren’t in, so it had to be left for the time being.  Then home to bed, + none too soon.

The next day was Saturday, the day of the week on which we had traditionally gone out for the evening.  That really helped me get through the day – it makes such a big difference to have something to look forward to.  Not that the days drag at all when you’re working – the work is dull, + a drag, but the time certainly flies.  I managed to annoy Val by reminding her once too often that we should finish a bit earlier in order to have time to go out.  That evening we ate a veg soup, then drove into town, stopping off to buy some groceries, + for Rob to buy some grass.  We smoked some – it seemed nice.  Bought a paper to check out the films in town, + for the second week running, there was a load of old rubbish.  So we went to Dusty’s, the rock pub that hadn’t let us in the week before.  It was a bit dull, tho’ we did meet the guy we’d given a ride to Kelowna.  We left after a couple of drinks, drove out to Mission, smoked some more, then drank at Luigi’s neighbourhood pub.  Got a bit wasted.

I seem to detect a little weariness; maybe we are growing tired of the daily slog.  And another double entry (though, since it is divided into two, I suppose I could have split them – some sort of slavish devotion to the original format, I suppose.

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