September 30th 1981

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Chris and Rob sight-seeing at the Father Pandosy Mission

Today was the day we were supposed to resume work, but, well…  Up respectably early, had breakfast, + then went out to find out if anything was going on.  It was raining, and fairly unpleasant, so we suspected work might not be going on.  We were right.  Mr K was his usual confusing self, talking about this apple, and that, but we were able to discover that we weren’t working.  We wandered over to Rob’s hut, and made him get up, which was a bit mean, since there was no work to do, but he was pretty good about it.  He came back to our place, + we had some toast together, then Val + I walked… yes, walked!… down to the store to buy a few groceries, leaving Rob to his sewing – he was sewing a patch on his jeans.  We only bought a couple of things, yet it still cost us $8 – it never ceases to amaze us how much money we are able to spend, then lugged it back up.  A nice walk, tho’.

After lunch, we drove to see the Father Pandosy Mission, Kelowna’s historical site, but it wasn’t very exciting.  It was supposed to be the site of the earliest buildings in the area, but it seemed to be a collection of other buildings moved to the place, together with a fairly extensive collection of old farm implements in various stages of disrepair.  This, of course, interested Rob considerably more than it did us, but eventually we were able to drag him away, mainly by the promise of a cup of tea.  We went to Dairy Queen at the Mission Shopping Centre to have a drink, + this proved to be something of a mistake, since they also sold ice-creams, + Rob’s resistance, low at any time, wasn’t up to it.  Went home, after a couple of tubs, to hot dogs, cooked by yours truly.  Very nice, except that I didn’t cook enough onions.  In the evening, we first played 10,000, a dice game which Val won comfortably – she has done every time so far.  Then we played hearts, which Rob won, after being behind all the way thro’.  It’s very pleasant in our cabin, to play games, drink tea, relax.  However, just about ready to get back to work now.

I don’t think I have explained that Rob is from a farming background, coming from a farm in Norfolk, hence his interest in things agricultural.  Also a most splendid companion, of course, who seemed to like the same things as us – eating, drinking, drinking tea, playing cards.

I note that I didn’t win again; although I enjoy most games, I don’t think I am as competitive as I might be (nor, probably, as good.)

  1. Pamela J Blair

    Not competitive? Except when it comes to beating poor damsels at Backgammon!

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