September 26th 1981

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Charlotte picking apples

A later morning than usual – we just found it difficult to get out of bed + get moving.  However, eventually we breakfasted + struggled down to work, managing to find ourselves the only ones there.  When we saw Mr K, he told us we’d be finished that day with the Mac apples and then have a couple of days off.  Terrific news so far as I’m concerned – I’ve become pretty pissed off with constant picking, + a couple of days off will really go down well.  We also met Mr K’s brother, Ralph, + his wife, + they seemed both very nice + entirely sane + reasonable, especially in comparison with our Kuypers, who are at the very least dotty.  Then we finished off the orchard we were working on, + moved to a small one near the K’s house.  We’d all centred on that, it seemed, to finish off the Macs: Val + me, the kids, Rob, + 3 kids Mr K had hired for the weekend.  We weren’t working very fast tho’, + even by the time we finished had only cleared 4 bins.  It was better picking today, tho’, with bigger apples for the most part.  At the end, it was just us 3 Britishers left, so we filled the final half bin between us, before going back to the tent for our last outdoor meal – it had been arranged that we move into the cabin tomorrow.

Ralph Kuyper had showed it to us, it looked most excellent.  Rob had been going to move in to a cabin 20 mins walk away, but fortunately for him (and us too) another guy had quit in mysterious circumstances, so he was able to stay in the fruit stand.  We cooked up some corn, followed by soup, followed by sardines on toast – yet another feast.  Then, it being Sat. night, we drove into town.  The intention had been to go to the pictures – unfortunately, there was nothing on that we wanted to see.  We then attempted to get into a bar with a rock band.  First they wouldn’t let Rob in, because he had torn jeans.  So he changed them for my old brown trousers.  Then they refused us because of no ID for Val.  We were pissed off, wandered around, finally ended up in Luigi’s pub – it was OK.

Ah, welcome back, all; I must say I did miss posting the blog.  (Though all is pushing it a bit; if you are reading this, you are part of a very small band.)

A real, and most welcome change, to move to indoor living in prospect, though we had enjoyed camping in the field… apart from the cold.

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