September 20th 1981

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And, in contrast, a dull day.  Today being Sunday, + especially seeing as we’d gone out last night, we agreed to get up + start work an hour later.  Which was just as well, since I was suffering from a dreadful hangover.  (Incidentally, when I went across to Rob’s tent to wake him, he sounded, if anything, worse.)  As a consequence of my condition, I was not able to work to my best capacity for some time, since all that I wanted to cure me was tea, toast + sleep in large quantities.  However, in time I was able to work my way back to health + normality, and by the afternoon was working quite fast, so that we managed to fill 5 bins again.  Not that my contribution is all that important, since Val is far faster than I am.  When I work absolutely at full stretch, really concentrating hard + forcing my fingers to fly over the apples, she’s much faster than me.  When I’m feeling sluggish, it’s embarrassing.  Still, I am definitely getting better.  At first, going up a ladder was a very slow business, and I could only work very slowly when I got up there, having to hang on for dear life.  Even then, on my very first day, I managed to fall off.  The ladder toppled, and I jumped.  It wasn’t all that bad actually (tho’ it did worry Val… momentarily.)  Now I’m able to position the ladder straight away, observing the golden rule (either straight up or straight down the hill) + then nip up it in a rather slow flash.

Anyway, our evening meal, to which we’d both been looking forward all day, was a sort of Spanish omelette, with courgettes, onions, mushroom, tomato, + cheese.  Yet another fabulous meal.  I think we’ll have to write a recipe book of campfire cookery.  Then Rob used our fire to cook some soup, before an early night.

Obviously feeling quite sorry for myself, and my limited picking skills, a trade-off for my capacity to day-dream.  The ladders were tricky, a ladder section on one-side, but only counter-balanced by a single strut.  This made it easier to find a gap in the branches, and obviously had a three-legged stool quality, so was less rocky.  But, unless pretty firmly wedged, it did have a tendency to tip.

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