September 14th 1981

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Not sure about where the horse came from, but in the background, our tent extension!

Slept late this morning, mainly because it had been such a cold, clear night, so we’d only really warmed up when the sun came up.  A usual sort of morning, doing the usual sort of things, till about 12, when we finally decided to stir ourselves + head into town.  We’d spent a long time the day before planning + making lists of all the things we needed to buy + do – I love making lists – so it was about time we got on.  Drove into Safeway, where we parked, then delivered our films – four of them – for processing.  Then we wandered the streets some, looking for second-hand shops and Woolworth’s – we checked out some cookpots (too expensive) + a torch, which we bought.  Back to Safeway to look at what cooking stuff they provided, + ran into Tony + Jenny, our neighbours.  Offered them a lift home – in return they told us where we could find some second-hand shops, so off we went again.  First place was far too expensive – a real rip-off, tho’ we did buy a round cake tin to use as a saucepan.  Then the SA, where we bought a big frying-pan for 30c.  (And we’d earlier bought some old coffee jars for storage – 5c each.)    Back to Safeway for the 3rd time (apologising to T + J for keeping them waiting) and stocked up on loads of food – lots of tins of things.  Then to the car.  We asked Tony if he’d help us buy a good sleeping-bag – we’d decided we’d had enough last night, so we drove out first to the next town, which had nothing, then to Sears.  They had some good ones on sale, so after a swift check to compare prices, we splashed out another $40.  Ho hum.

Then back home, merely pausing en route to buy beer, ice, bread + stamps.  (Oh yes, we’d bought post-cards.)  Back home, after lugging the gear from the car over the fence + across the field, we cooked a fabulous meal of mince, onions, peas, tomatoes.  In the evening, 2 more arrivals to the field – 2 Frenchies, Francois + Brigitte.  They shared some beer with us in the evening.

Apologies for perhaps the most tedious and transactional of posts, even down to letting everyone know we had parked when we reached the supermarket.  It was, obviously, one of those days, getting shopping done, but I don’t think it helps anyone to know quite that level of detail.  Let’s hope tomorrow’s post is more enlightening.

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