September 8th 1981

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Val enjoying the hot pool

Up a little earlier, tho’ after Rick had left for school.  Nonetheless, by the time we’d breakfasted etc, half the morning was gone.  First off we drove into town, stopping off for gas (an appalling $38 worth), to take in a film + look for a present for Rick.  Bought him a six-pack of Newcastle Brown, + found a 1 hour developing place.  (Tho’ because they were busy, they said 2.)  Then we drove out to the Hot Springs – the day was very cloudy, + eminently more suitable for such an exercise.  Stopped off on the way to look at a river where we’d been told the salmon had come up recently to spawn, and sure enough, there in the water were lots of dead, rotting salmon who had done their duty.

Then, the Hot Springs.  Fortunately, we had them to ourselves, so we were able to dispense with swimming costumes.  It was really gorgeous in there, just like a huge bathtub.  It was only two and a half feet deep, which made it difficult to swim, but we lazed around for a while, + enjoyed some rain which had started to fall, till we realised it was also getting our clothes wet.  So, back to town.

Bought Rick an anti-Monopoly game (he collects Monopoly boards), and then waited a long time for our pictures.  However, they were worth the wait – it was a film mostly of Seattle, + they were excellent.  Home for a rather late lunch, then I wrote for a while until Rick returned.  We chatted, mostly about music, till dinner, when we gave the presents.  Rick seemed tickled, tho’ he’s not a guy to get over effusive.

In the evening we played pool, first a game called “poker pool” – Rick won that every time – then Val + I v Rick + Sindy at straight pool – we lost 2-0 – + then Rick v me, and again I lost 2-0, tho’ I really should have won both games.  Ho hum.  Rick went off to a meeting, + we looked at Carol’s European snapshots, + talked.  Finished off the evening with me v Val at pool.  1-1, and an incredibly tortuous + boring game.

Rather more detail than requited about the pool games, I feel, all the more so since we lost every one!  I do get the impression that we were marking time at this point… definitely time to move on.

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