September 7th 1981

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Canadian road-sign

A good sleep.  In fact, we thought we’d overslept, but it seemed we were up more or less with everyone else, so had a leisurely breakfast with them.  Today was Labor Day, a national holiday, + we had hoped that things would be going on, but it seemed that everything had gone on yesterday, while we’d been on the road.  However, chatted for a while, then Rick paid a quick visit to school to prepare for the morrow.  I took a shower, + then sat down to watch TV, first baseball, then a big ice-hockey game, Canada v. Sweden, part of a big international tournament.  Rick made sure he was back for this too.  Canada won 4-3, without being a particularly good game.

In the afternoon, Val + I went to move the car to go for a drive, + discovered we had a flat tyre.  We put on the spare, then drove to a local garage who put a new tube in, then put it back on the car for us – $15.  We had planned to go to the hot springs, but it was such a gorgeously hot day that we decided we wouldn’t enjoy it, so went for a drive out to Kitimat instead.  (Took a hitch-hiker out there too.) Some pretty scenery, but the town was uninspiring, so drove back, with 2 more hitchers, a native + her daughter.

Back in time for a couple of games of pool with Dean, Rick’s son – we tied 1-1.  Then dinner – a nice meal, after which we simply sat at the table for most of the rest of the evening, drinking sherry + chatting.  It seemed to me at any rate that Rick was the most human then since I’d known him.  He likes to tease a lot, but sometimes I think takes it too far.  He can also appear rather brusque + casual with guests, + I think we are used to a somewhat more solicitous attitude.  Carol too has seemed much friendlier towards us this time.  Tho’ really we shouldn’t complain, since they’ve both been so very good, feeding + housing us, looking after our car and everything.  We shall keep in touch, I’m sure.

Though we haven’t, in fact – probably just as well, since we have very little in common with them.  All the same they were very kind, all the more so since it seemed our car dripped oil on their drive-way!

Apologies, by the way, if you receive this post direct as an email, and occasionally, as yesterday, it arrives without a picture – that will be because of operator error (mine) – the photo will be posted on the actual web-site, so you can go there to find it. Also to access previous posts (though why one might want to re-read such things is beyond me).

And apologies too, for the slightly dull nature of today’s photo. As yet, I have managed to find suitable photos (taken directly from our photo album) for each post, but I can foresee that sooner or later, especially when staying in one place for a while, I am definitely going to run out.

  1. Pamela J Blair

    Ah, how satisfying it is to pick up a hitchhiker after receiving so many wonderful rides oneself! I loved the feeling of “paying it backward,” and maybe sometimes “paying it forward.”

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